Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (2023)

Each of the attractions in Disneyland Adventures is named after (and located at) an actual ride in Disneyland but rather than simulating the actual rides, they are mini-games that you can play. The basic premise for almost all of the attractions is to follow the course from the start to the finish, collecting coins and trying to find secrets. Most attractions are divided up into chapters. In order to unlock a chapter, you must play all of the preceding chapters, but once unlocked, you can replay any chapter in any order.

The coins you collect determine your score and are picked up by moving over them. For some attractions, certain actions will also earn you points (which is illustrated by having coins “burst” out of your character). For attractions where you can be hit by opponents or run into obstacles, you lose a small number of coins whenever you collide. However, I believe the coins lost don’t count when determining your star rating: the total number of coins collected, not the current score, is what matters.

Your score determines how many stars you earn on a chapter. The star score for the entire attraction is the average number of stars you have in each of the chapters. Only the best score is recorded, so don’t worry about replaying a chapter and getting a lower score.

Note that copper coins are worth 10 points. Silver coins are worth 100 points. Gold coins are worth 1,000 points. This means that you should focus almost completely on the silver and gold coins. Coins often come in clusters and there are usually a few clusters of all gold coins (6,000 points) or half gold, half silver (3,300 points). Collecting, or not collecting, those few clusters can have a massive impact on your score. In comparison, massive clusters of copper coins will have an insignificant effect on your total score.

Each attraction also has ten secrets to find. The secrets appear as glowing Mickey Mouse outlines. Some of them are just along the path of the ride and need to be grabbed while most are awarded for performing certain actions. Once a secret is collected, it stays collected – you can’t earn it again, but neither do you have to worry about “losing” it.

Each attraction awards a pin. You get the bronze pin for having a 3-star rating on the attraction. The silver pin is awarded for having a 4-star rating and the gold pin is awarded for having a 5-star rating. The platinum pin requires that you have a 5-star rating and have found all ten secrets.

Note that this does not need to be done all at once – you need to have found each of the ten secrets over the course of playing the attraction and have gotten a 5-star rating on every chapter at some point. You can freely mix-and-match these.

There is an achievement for getting a platinum pin on every attraction. Note that your pin book only lists the best pin you have for each attraction, even though the counter counts all of the pins. That’s why it lists the total being out of 68 even though there are only 17 slots in the book.

Attractions are really the only part of the game where a co-op partner can participate, and it is where their help shines. For most attractions, each player is controlled separately and each of them can pick up coins. Certain actions that earn coins can be done by both players to double the number of coins earned. Additionally, for secrets, if either player hits the secret icon or performs the required action, the secret is collected. This is even true for actions that require multiple steps (like perform all of the poses perfectly): As long as each step is done by someone then the secret will be awarded at the end, even if no single person did every step themselves.

You can launch an attraction directly by choosing it from the game map, or from the Fast Pass menu option on the load screen. When you exit an attraction, you always end up at the ride in the park. This might be a way to Fast Travel to places in the park other than the start of each world, but loading times make this a prohibitively slow way to travel.

The chapter select screen for an attraction will show you how many secrets you have earned in each chapter and what the star rating on each chapter was, but it won’t tell you which secrets those were.

Note that the score required to earn 5-stars is listed in parenthesis after the chapter title and they are approximate (and are based on the Xbox One version where I could record gameplay to see when the fifth star was awarded during the level).

Kinect vs. Controller

The Xbox One version gives you the choice of using a controller or the traditional Kinect controls. In general, the attractions work identically with the Kinect motions translating to controller actions. The splash screen you get when an attraction is loading gives you the instructions and they are generally consistent across all of the attractions with similar gameplay.

There is an option to invert the Y axis in the settings and for those people who are used to "flight" controls I found the application of the invert option to be inconsistent. In particular, the falling scenes are controlled like flight sections (Y is inverted) but really shouldn't be.

Several of the secrets refer to "waving" at something. This is obvious if you're using a Kinect. If you're using a controller, one of two things happen: On most attractions, hold down Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (1) to wave similar to how you use Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (2) to wave to characters when walking around the park. On a few attractions, either because Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (3) is already taken by another control, or it's not natural, the secret is awarded automatically and you don't have to do anything at all.

Some attractions have pose-matching. On the Kinect, this means holding your body in the same position as shown by the on-screen characters. If you're using a controller, When playing the character adventures in the park, pose matching was generally done automatically for you. In the attractions, pose matching is done by having to press specific buttons in the right time. The perfect time to aim for is when inner-edge of the circle that is shrinking matches the outer-edge of the circle indicating the button. For a given routine, the button presses are always the same and are generally always positioned with Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (4) and Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (5) roughly mapping to the left and right hands with Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (6) and Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (7) mapping to the left and right feet.

The judging on poses for the Kinect could be quite strict, but the controller judging is very lax. I have gotten "good" ratings and outright missed individual cues when doing a pose, yet still received credit for a "perfect" pose (for the purposes of secrets).

A few attractions have different score requirements for the Kinect and controller versions because gameplay changed enough.

Main Street

Mickey’s Sounsational Parade (35,000)

Before each float, you have a short conduction section with the band. During the float, you alternate between dancing and waving your hands. Doing this will fill up your magic meter until you can do a magic wand “flourish” which triggers a scene on the float.

There’s only one chapter, but there are many different floats. Each time you play the parade, the game will select three of the six floats. You will have to replay the attraction repeatedly until every float shows up.


  1. Wave at the crowd during the opening scene.
  2. When conducting the band before Mickey’s float, point successfully four times.
  3. Get a flourish on the first float.
  4. Get 3 flourishes on Aladdin’s float.
  5. Get 3 flourishes on Ariel’s float. Her float will not appear unless you have finished Ariel’s adventure to go to the parade.
  6. Get 3 flourishes on Mickey’s float.
  7. Get 3 flourishes on Peter Pan’s float.
  8. Get 3 flourishes on the Princess float.
  9. Get a flourish on Tiana’s float.
  10. Get 3 flourishes on Tiana’s float.

The faster you dance and the more accurately you follow the music, the faster your ‘flourish’ meter fills up. You only have a limited amount of time with each float, so you must be energetic and accurate to have time to get the three flourishes required for the secrets.

Fireworks Spectacular (30,000)

Shoot fireworks up into the sky and try to hit the shapes. You can steer a shot firework slightly as long as you don’t launch the next one, but usually quantity wins over quality. There are a few points in the middle and at the very end where a very large circle will appear and you want to shoot as many fireworks into it before it closes up.

Secrets: All ten secrets are collected by hitting the targets containing the secret Mickey icon. As with all secrets, you don’t have to do this all at once. If you miss one or more, just replay the attraction to get the missing secrets.


Jungle Cruise

Chapter 1: River Cruise (40,000)

Ride the boat down, aiming the water hose at the various targets. When you see something that looks like a periscope coming up out of the water, you can squirt it to open a passage that usually has more rewards in it. You can also jump up to reach things above you.


  1. Spray 8 hippos to reveal a secret that appears near the end of the ride. You must jump to collect the secret.
  2. Wave at the group of people standing in the waterfall near the hippos.
  3. Spray the rhino that is attacking the explorers in a tree. You need to spray until the rhino runs away.
  4. Near the end of the level with the piranhas, you need to jump to collect it. Note that you can’t jump if you have a piranha clinging to you so do your best to avoid them.

Chapter 2: Native Village (39,000)

You alternate between pose battles with giant gorillas and throwing fruit at attacking gorillas.


  1. Hit 40 gorillas with bananas.
  2. Defeat 3 armored gorillas with bananas. These gorillas require 2 hits each. One appears in the first section, one in section that follows the fight in the hut (after the second pose battle), and the last one in the very next section at the docks.
  3. Match all 8 poses correctly during the pose battle with the gorillas at the very end of the chapter.

Chapter 3: Kayaking (37,500)

You’ll be steering a boat down the river, following the runaway cruise ship. You can run into the crates dropped into the water for coins and you can use your paddle to hit the crocodiles that approach your boat and to hit back fruit that gorillas throw at you. There are a few places where the river forks and there are generally more coins available if you don’t follow the path that the cruise ship takes. You really have to steer far to that side to take the side channel.


  1. Hit 8 gorillas by knocking the fruit they throw at you back at them.
  2. Take the second path on the left. In this narrow channel are five crates that you have to steer your boat through. Hit all five and you’ll earn the secret. The first crate is the hardest to hit since you have to steer quite hard to the left to get into this path, but the crate is on the right side and it is easy to pass by.
  3. Take the path to the right after the crocodiles and the secret will be floating in the water.
The Enchanted Tiki House (10,000)

There is one more attraction in this area, but you can’t fast-travel to it and it doesn’t show up on the map. Fast travel to the start of Adventureland and go into the Tiki House area to your left. In the back is the Enchanted Tiki House. This is a musical conducting game where you need to match the prompts when conducting the music.

There are no secrets in this attraction, just score well enough to get five stars.


Since there is no penalty for using the “hand” that doesn’t have a prompt, one trick that may help is to continuously move both hands in time with the music, even when the prompts go away.

New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion

Chapter 1: Stretching Room (28,000)

In this chapter, you’re in free-fall. You need to avoid obstacles while guiding yourself towards coins. You cannot get all of the secrets in one run.


  1. Near the start, you’ll see a frame on the left with the secret inside. Steer to the left to go through and collect it. Don’t oversteer or you’ll go to the left of the secret – try steering to the right as soon as you see the camera tilt to the left indicating that you selected this side path.
  2. Don’t go through the frame to #1. There is a line of coins shortly after that lead to the secret.
  3. Pose so that you match the hands on the clock.
  4. After you fall through the clock, there is a frame on the right side that leads to an alternate path. Down this path, the secret is in a cluster of busts. If you hit the bust, it will knock you out long enough to miss the secret.
  5. Wave at the hand which is waving at you in the coffin.

Chapter 2: Escape the Mansion (50,000)

In this chapter, you’re walking through the mansion. You can shine your light on various things to score points as well as pick up coins. The key to higher scores is definitely figuring out how to control your flashlight. It takes a while to figure out the most effective way to aim it. If a ghost is charging at you and you don’t have time to destroy it with your light, duck to avoid being hit. You will get some coins for dodging the attack (although not as much as if you had destroyed it).


  1. Take a left at the first fork and follow the ghost. After you turn left and then right, he will guide you to a door on the right side. Follow him to collect the secret.
  2. Take a right at the first fork to go to the room with the piano. Shine your light on the candelabrum behind the piano.
  3. As you are running away from the statue, you’ll run around a circular room and then to a hallway where doors open up on either side. Stay to the left side and follow a ghost onto a side path on the left.
  4. In the dancing ballroom area, shine your light on the organist.
  5. Shine your light on four crystal balls. (These all have to be found in the same run).
    1. In the first open area, on the ground to your left near an overturned table.
    2. Take the left fork. Shine your light on the crystal ball held by the suit of armor before you shine your light on the mirror.
    3. On the round table in the room where the lady’s head is talking to you.
    4. On a small table on the left side of the ballroom visible when you first descend the stairs.
Pirates of the Caribbean

Chapter 1: Down the Bayou (33,000)

Sail a rowboat down the river, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Note that in co-op, both players share the same boat so this is one of the chapters where having a co-op partner is not helpful. Note that the ship will not move unless you row it and there is no time limit or reason to go fast so slowly sail your way to maximize the number of things you can collect.


  1. When you get to the area with all the powerkegs floating on the water, keep to the left. There is a side channel with lots of kegs floating in it. Near the back of this channel is the secret.
  2. Hit 12 alligators with your paddle.
  3. Hit 5 chests in the second half of the chapter (after the cut scene). There are more than five scattered through the level.

Chapter 2: Dead Man’s Cave (46,000)

Another sailing level, but this time each person gets their own raft. It’s high-speed but maneuverable.


  1. Take a left at the third fork and it will be in the middle of the path.
  2. Defeat 9 pirates by hitting the grenades that they throw at you back their way. The right paths at each fork tend to have pirates as opponents if you’ve having trouble.
  3. At the very last part of the level starting from when you enter the wrecked pirate ship, you must make it through the rest of the level without touching any walls or obstacles. This can be very frustrating but try to be careful and stay in the middle of the channel.

Chapter 3: Pirate Ship (42,500)

This is a sword fighting level. You’ll go through three rounds of fighting pirates followed by a fight with Blackbeard. You can attack high or low and you need to attack in the direction they aren’t blocking. Additionally, they will occasionally attack and you have to dodge by jumping or ducking according to the prompt you get.

If you’re having trouble with the score, kill more pirates and don’t get hit.

Secret: Defeat 12 pirates before your fight with Blackbeard. The total amount of time you have is fixed so you need to defeat them quickly. Note how they are blocking – if they are blocking high, attack low; if they block low, attack high. There are three combat sections so ideally you want to defeat at least 4 pirates in each section.

Additionally, this is also half of an achievement. You must complete this chapter without being hit. The other half of the achievement is chapter 4 of the Peter Pan ride and you must do both in the same sitting to unlock the achievement. If you’re having trouble with this, focus only on not being hit and don’t worry about killing the pirates. I found that if you jump too quick when being prompted to dodge, you’ll jump before they attack and get hit. One way to tell how you’re doing is to look at your score. If you see that it ends in ‘50’, then you know you must have taken a hit somewhere.

Chapter 4: Puerto Dorado (75,000)

This is a fun, but long level. You’re sneaking around town in a barrel trying to infiltrate the city. While walking, move slowly and collect all of the coins you can see. At the end of the level is the final battle with Blackbeard. The paths on the left, when you have a choice, are longer but have more coins.


  1. Perform the four pirate poses (fight, pose, walk, and dance) correctly when tested.
  2. Wave at the dog when you are throwing fruit to the prisoners.
  3. At the end of the level, defeat Blackbeard without getting hit by any of the pirates. (You can get hit by Blackbeard’s bombs.) Take your time and be patient: Duck and hide unless there is only one bomb to hit back. If you rush it, you might find yourself having to repeat the entire level again.
Jambalaya Jazz Band (11,000)

There are three musical acts to do in New Orleans Square. The first is at the border between New Orleans Square and Frontierland, near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Royal Street Bachelors (12,000)

Walk to Naveen and across the street are the Royal Street Bachelors.

Grim Grinning Ghosts (4,500)

Lastly, walk to the fountain plaza and exit towards the side of the Haunted Mansion building. The Grim Grinning Ghosts are found here.

Getting five stars in all of the conducting attractions will unlock:

  • Music Maestro Please

    Conducted a perfect performance from all of the musical acts

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Critter Country

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Chapter 1: A Very Blustery Day (40,000)

You’re floating through this level avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. You have limited ability to go higher or lower when steering but mostly you’re drifting left and right. There are several clusters of silver coins surrounding a gold coin that you need to focus on to reach the 5-star score. At the large tree at the very end, there is a circle of six gold coins (6000 points!) on the left side. You can’t get this and get the secret here at the same time, but definitely aim for this group if you need to reach 5-stars.


  1. Collect 15 balloons by floating into them. Each balloon is worth coins so they are worth collecting even if you have this secret already.
  2. When you’re floating over the river, it’s on the left side in the branches of a tree. If you hit the tree branch, you’ll be stunned long enough that you’ll miss the secret.
  3. Near the end, you’ll approach a fork with a bridge straight ahead of you and a path to the right. Go right (not over the bridge) and the secret is on the left side behind a tree.
  4. At the very end of the level, you pass by a huge tree that blocks your path. The secret is directly behind the tree. Go through the gap on the top right and quickly duck down collect it.

After finding the secrets here, combined with the secrets you collected in the Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise, you will unlock:

  • Disneyland Adventurer

    Found 21 Secrets in the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and Winnie the Pooh attractions

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Chapter 2: Bouncing with Tigger (34,500)

Similar to the previous level, except instead of floating on a balloon, you’re bouncing along the ground. The bouncing does make the timing of jumps a little different but mostly it’s like the other trail walking levels.


(Video) Disneyland Adventures Full Game Walkthrough

  1. Wave at Roo when you see him for the first time.
  2. At the second fork, take the right path.
  3. At the third fork, take the left path.
  4. Bounce into 12 beehives. The game is quite generous about how close you need to be, but you do have to jump when you get to one to collect it.

Chapter 3: Finding Presents (Kinect 55,000 / Controller 74,500)

You’ll need to bounce presents thrown your way back to the pile. You need to make sure your hand is in place when the present arrives there (when the target circle shrinks down). Occasionally, they will throw trash at you which you need to avoid. There are three rounds that you go through.


  1. Catch the cake. This appears in the middle of the third round.
  2. Catch Eeyore’s tail. This appears shortly after the cake.
Splash Mountain

Chapter 1: Briar Patch and River (27,000)

In the first half, you’re moving down a path where you need to dodge obstacles and collect coins. In the second half, you’re in a boat (and in co-op, both players are in the same boat) where you need to sail around obstacles. In between the two is a 90 second long cutscene that you can’t skip.

You will hate this level. Trust me. The secrets in the river section are definitely the hardest in the entire game. Like most of the other boat sections (and like real boats in general), it is not terribly responsive. The channel you need to navigate is narrow and you must dodge the things being thrown at you without drifting into the banks on the side of the river.

And having to retry the second section means sitting through the run of the first section plus the long cut-scene in the middle. It gets real old, real quick.

The score goal is also difficult in this chapter. The right paths seem to give slightly higher scores. In the first part, I noticed that if you walk through a cluster of coins, you tend to collect only two or three, but if you jump, you’ll grab all seven. In the very first section, before the fork, there is a row of coins on the left and a circle of coins on the right between two branch barriers. That coin circle is 3 gold and 3 silver and is worth grabbing even though you will crash into the wall after collecting it. You should have at least 15,000 at the cutscene to be on track to get five stars. At the very end of the river area (where the paths merge back together), be sure to collect the several circles of silver and gold coins.


  1. In the first section, take the left path and avoid all obstacles.
  2. In the first section, take the right path and avoid all obstacles.
  3. In the second section, take the left path and avoid all obstacles.
  4. In the second section, take the right path and avoid all obstacles.
  5. At the very end of the chapter, it is in the middle of the river (no matter which path you took).

Chapter 2: Laughing Place (29,000)

The start and end of this level are free-fall sections where you are trying to collect coins and dodge obstacles. The middle, which is the longest, is a boat section (separate boats for co-op on this level) where you need to navigate down a rushing river. To get all the secrets requires two playthroughs due to the forking paths.


  1. At the first fork, take the left path and travel between 6 possum gates.
  2. At the first fork, take the right path and “dodge” four alligators. This one is finicky to register: if you aren’t close enough to the alligator, it won’t count it as being dodged. Too close and you get bit. There are more than four to dodge.
  3. At the first fork, take the right path and after the first group of alligators, there is a goose waving at you. Wave back to collect the secret.
  4. At the second fork, take the left path and travel between 19 rock gates.
  5. At the second fork, take the right path and travel between 10 rock gates.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Chapter 1: Riding the Mine Cart (42,000)

You’re riding a mine cart through tunnels. You can reach out with your hand to touch things on the sides of the tracks. There are switches to hit that affect what path your cart goes down or clear an obstacle out of the way. The majority of the coins are also to the side of the track and you have to reach out to collect them. You can’t reach both left and right at the same time and if your hand is stretched out when you pass by a post or pillar, you will get hit. This stuns you for a few seconds and costs you a few coins.


  1. Hit the right switch before you enter the mine and then hit the next switch to get the secret.
  2. When you see flying birds appear above you, catch up to them and jump to get the crate. Do this three times to get the secret.
  3. When you see the switches to control your path, hit each of them. The secret is after the fourth switch.
  4. Near the end of the ride at the top of the mountain, wave to the goat on the side of the track.
  5. Near the end of the ride, it is on the left side of the track.

Chapter 2: Runaway Train (45,000)

You’re running along the top of the train car this time. Just a single route through the entire ride. Note that in addition to moving back and forth, you can still reach out to the side to reach coins, plungers, and secrets that are to the side of the track.

Secrets: All five secrets are clearly visible along the side of the track. Just reach out and grab them.


Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole (28,000)

This is a falling level where you need to avoid obstacles and collect coins.


  1. Look for a mirror on the right side to take a side path. On this side path, the secret is near a group of furniture just before you fall through doors.
  2. Near the last of the doors that you fall through.
  3. Match all five poses with the Cheshire Cat
  4. After the section with the Cheshire Cat.

Chapter 2: Queen’s Croquet (32,000)

You are rolling down a course gather coins and dodging obstacles. The 5-star goal here is difficult. In general, the right paths have more coins available. Bumping the flowers also gives coins even if you already have that secret.


  1. Bump the four flowers. There is one in each section of the chapter (between when the Queen strikes your ball with the croquet mallet).
  2. In the second section, take the left path and it’s on your left.
  3. In the middle of the track, a secret can be reached by jumping over a card.
  4. After going through the castle, it is on the right to the right of an arched card. (Don't go under the card by mistake!)

Chapter 3: The Unbirthday Party (28,000)

This is a dance party. You’re dancing the entire level, and in between matching poses with the characters.


  1. Dance correctly once.
  2. Wave at Alice when she waves at you halfway through the chapter.
“it’s a small world” (Kinect 50,000 / Controller 11,000)

This is another ride you will have to play multiple times to get all the secrets. Each time you play, you visit three of the seven worlds at random.


  1. During the rowing sections between the worlds, if you row fast enough a character will appear. You need to see all four to get this secret.
  2. Wave at the dancers before the routine starts.
  3. Match all four dance moves in Africa.
  4. Match all four dance moves in the American Old West
  5. Match all four dance moves in Asia
  6. Match all four dance moves in Europe
  7. Match all four dance moves in the Middle East
  8. Match all four dance moves in the Pacific Islands
  9. Match all four dance moves in South America
  10. Match a dance move in the finale
Matterhorn Bobsleds

Chapter 1: Bobsleds (45,000)

A high-speed sled down a mountain. The 5-star goal on this level is quite difficult. To get more coins, look for a secret path on the left near the start of the level. The big jump mentioned in the first secret leads to another rich circle of coins. You’re also awarded coins for every Yeti you hit so keep throwing those snowballs even after you’ve unlocked that secret.


  1. The first jump you come to that doesn’t have a tree will have a ramp on the right that will take you to an upper path. Don’t take this ramp. Stay on the left side of the ramp and go down an ice slide and the secret will be in the middle of a tree you have to jump over.
  2. Hit 10 Yeti by throwing snowballs at them.
  3. Wave back at the mountaineers when they wave at you as you pass by.
  4. Near the end of the level, the left part of the path will collapse. Stay to the right side to avoid this pit. Further down, the secret will be in the middle of the path, just behind a large icicle. Stay to the left or right and steer in behind the icicle to collect it.

Chapter 2: Snowball Fight (25,000)

You move from location to location throwing snowballs at Yeti that charge your position.

Secret: Hit 35 Yeti. I think the level has about double that many enemies, so this should not be a problem.

Chapter 3: Skiing (44,000)

You’re skiing down a mountain. In addition to the coins you can see, you get coins for hitting crates, snowmen, and making star jumps. This is another chapter where the 5-star score is very difficult to reach. You must learn which paths lead to good coins and which ramps require you to jump off the ramp (most of them) and which ones will have you overshoot the coins. I found the controls quite terrible in this chapter which made it very hard to aim for coins (or snowmen) accurately. Many of the good coin groups are high in the air after large jumps.


(Video) Disney's California Adventure ATTRACTION GUIDE - 2023 - All Rides + Shows - Disneyland Resort

  1. Complete ten star jumps. This is when you jump and hold your arms high in the air until you land. Only jumps from a ramp count.
  2. Hit 7 snowmen.
  3. When you come to the first major jump, build up a lot of speed. The secret is in the middle of a ring of coins high in the air.
  4. After the set of snowmen arranged in a triangle, take the right fork. The secret is against the left wall.
  5. After the avalanche, take the left path to find the secret.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Chapter 1: The Skies of London (32,500)

You’re flying through the skies of London. This chapter can take a little getting used to because the path you follow twists around a lot and is at quite a high speed making it difficult to react to where coins are. Like all of the other levels, nothing is random so once familiar, reaching 5-stars should not be a problem


  1. Take the left path when you get to the park.
  2. Take the left path when you get to the river. After crossing the river, it is located low behind a crane on the left.
  3. When you reach the bridge, it is under the first archway.
  4. Take the left path past Big Ben. It is low and to the right.

Chapter 2: Battle with the Jolly Roger (9,800)

You’re floating along side a pirate ship alternately dodging cannonballs and defeating pirates by rebounding their shots back to them. The best way to dodge the cannonballs are to fly up as high as possible and stay there.

Secret: Complete the level without getting hit. The easiest way to do this is to focus on not getting hit and ignore fighting with the pirates. After you get this secret, you can replay the level going for score.

Chapter 3: Flight through Neverland (35,500)

This level works identically to chapter 1. The path twists through caves and behind rock formations that can make it hard to see what is coming up in advance.


  1. Wave to the mermaids when you fly past
  2. The second time you approach the large, skull-shaped rock, take the left path. It looks like you need to jump to reach it, but you don’t. (If you do jump, you’ll miss it.)
  3. Just inside the cave when you fly through the waterfall.
  4. Just as you exit the cave, you will follow the waterfall down. It is on the left side, but you get almost no chance to react to it so be in position before you make the turn.

Chapter 4: Sword fight with Hook (18,000)

This is a sword fight with Captain Hook. Attack high when he blocks low; attack low when he blocks high; and dodge his attacks following the prompts.

Secret: Don’t get hit during the entire fight. If you do this, and also cleared chapter 3 of Pirates of the Caribbean, you will unlock:

  • Pirate's Life for Me

    Beat Captain Hook and Blackbeard in swordfights

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (20)

    2 guidesGuide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (21)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (22)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (23)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (24)

Note that both parts need to be done in the same sitting. There is no feedback if you have done the Pirates half correctly (because it is not an attraction secret) so I would work on this chapter until you earn the secret and then replay the Pirates level until the achievement unlocks.

Pixie Hollow (22,000)

This is an odd attraction as the actual Pixie Hollow in Disneyland is just a meet-and-greet location for character visitations and not a ride or even a show. It’s also not referenced by any adventures in the game and is located in a very out-of-the-way location between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

In this event, you’re trying to match the storytelling actions displayed on screen.

Secrets: There are ten chapters to the story and every chapter that you complete perfectly earns you a secret. If you fail to get a completely perfect run, you need only succeed on the chapter you failed on the first time around.

Princess Faire (about 30,000 – varies slightly by princess)

This attraction is made up of five chapters, but not in the traditional sense. After the attraction starts, you will select a princess and then have to do a dance routine with her. Cinderella and Belle cannot be selected until after you have done their respective Adventures.

Secrets (for each Princess):

  1. Get a “Perfect” rating on any dance move.
  2. Get a “Perfect” rating on all dance moves.

Once you complete any Princess’s dance routine, and assuming you also danced perfectly during Alice in Wonderland chapter 3 and “it’s a small world”:

  • I Feel Like Dancing

    Danced perfectly in the Princess Fantasy Faire, "it's a small world" and Alice in Wonderland

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (25)

    1 guideGuide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (26)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (27)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (28)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (29)

Note that this doesn’t have to be 100% perfect; only 10 perfect poses are required. If it didn’t unlock, go back and try Alice again. There is no secret for dancing perfectly in Alice’s attraction, so it is likely that’s the one you’d be missing. With as many times as you need to play “small world”, it’s unlikely that you failed to get a perfect clearance without realizing it.

Since you played Princess Faire twice during the adventures, it is also likely that you unlocked this achievement when playing “it’s a small world” earlier.


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Chapter 1: Planet Surface (34,000)

You’re flying a ship shooting at targets that fly around the screen.


  1. Follow Buzz and its on the path before you reach the first group of robots.
  2. Wave to the second large robot.
  3. At the second robot, move to the left and it’s up ahead on the right side just before the cave.
  4. Near the end, move left before the snake. It’s on the path above the lava pit.

Chapter 2: Tunnels (24,000)

Same as chapter one, except you’re flying into the base area. Shoot everything in sight.


  1. When you enter the tunnel, you will be chased by a wall with spikes. After a bit, you will turn around and see a wall in the distance with more spikes. You must shoot all spikes off both walls.
  2. Destroy the four devices on the ground of the alien room at the end. (I believe this is the same task you had to do during Buzz’s adventure.)

Chapter 3: Zurg Chamber Battle (8,500)

This is a cinematic battle against Zurg. During each round, shoot the flying drones and the cannons on the ground. Then you’ll be able to shoot three small balls that surround Zurg. Repeat three times to finish the level.

Secret: When you fly in at the start, it’s on the left side before the first cut scene.

Chapter 4: Escape (30,000)

(Video) Disneyland Adventures Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1- Xbox One

This is like the first two chapters: You start with a short sequence through the tunnels. This is followed by a flight through space where every so often you must stop and shoot Zurg.


  1. It’s at the bottom middle of the tunnel right when you exit the first large room.
  2. On the right side of the second tunnel section.
  3. In the asteroid field, there will be break in the small ships that attack and Buzz will tell you to dodge. There will be straight lines of coins to collect; the secret is on the right side at a point where there are coins on the left side.
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Chapter 1: Coral Reef (20,000)

Most of this level is the hide-and-seek game that you play with Nemo. During those scenes, Squirt will shoot coins out to you. Collect the coins, but be sure you’re in a hiding spot before Nemo counts down.

There should be plenty of coins to collect to get the goal without being aggressive, but if you have trouble getting to the 5-star score, play once where you aren’t trying to hide at all so you can get more coins.


  1. Before the first round of hide-and-seek, wave back to Squirt.
  2. During the third round of hide-and-seek, in the top right corner, inside one of the coin rings that Squirt throws at you.
  3. Complete the entire chapter without being found during hide and seek. You can tell you’re hidden because a blue mist will appear around you. Note that all of the hiding scenes are vastly easier with a controller and holding your position is much easier and your character "snaps" into the appropriate pose for your hiding spot.
    1. Float behind one of the large walls in the top left or right corners.
    2. Hide behind the coral on the left side or the buoy.
    3. Crouch down slightly left of the middle. When the lower school of fish moves in front of you, stay perfectly still to be hidden. Alternatively, line yourself up with the hole in the rock that is to the right of Nemo. When the upper school of fish stops, you will be over its right arm. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle to match the pose.
    4. The reed wall in the top left corner.
    5. Get behind the pillar on the right and hold your arms up and down so they are covered by the flags. The flags will change position about five seconds before Nemo starts looking, but if you’re prepared, you can adjust without getting caught.
    6. Stay behind the buoy. You have to time your flaps very carefully, so you don’t float above it when it’s going up. You can also hide behind the orange coral man at the bottom: Get in a half-crouch like a sumo wrestler and stick your arms out horizontally.

Chapter 2: Bruce and the Sunken Ships (34,800)

Swim through a sunken ship, collecting coins and dodging obstacles while Bruce (the shark) chases after you.


  1. After Bruce chases you for the first time, you need to dodge several horizontal ropes. The secret is above the last rope.
  2. After Bruce chases you for the second time, take the right path and then right at the next fork. The secret should be right in front of you.
  3. When you enter the cave, look for a corner where the path turns to the left. At that instant, you have a path choice to make and you must be on the left side. The secret is directly in front of you.
  4. When you’re back on the deck of the ship, you’ll swim up some stairs. You’ll turn left and go through a railing. The secret is here in the bottom right corner of the screen – you need to be in position before you get to the corner.

Chapter 3: East Australian Current (32,000)

Like chapter 2, except you’re swimming through tunnels. Because you’re riding Squirt, there is no advantage to playing this level in co-op.


  1. When you enter the tunnels, take the right path. The secret is in the middle of the path where the cave narrows. It’s hard to miss.
  2. Later in the level, when the rocks are on your right and the path is curving slightly to the right, you’ll pass by a single jellyfish. Right after Squirt says, “Here comes the tricky part”, you’ll see the secret on the lower right.
  3. Shortly after this, a secret is in the middle of the path where the walls narrow in. Almost impossible to miss.

Earning platinum medal here and on Astro Blasters will unlock:

  • Pixar Perfect

    Won the platinum badges on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (30)

    1 guideGuide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (31)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (32)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (33)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (34)

Space Mountain

Chapter 1: Journey Through Space (34,500)

You are flying on a ship through different areas of space. In between those are hyperspace jumps where you need to fly down a tunnel through boost rings. Avoid obstacles and gather coins.


  1. Destroy all 15 lights on the hyperspace centers (3 on each of 5 gates).
  2. Fly through 30 rings (out of 40) while in hyperspace.
  3. Wave back to the first UFO.
  4. In the second area, near the end when you’re flying towards the exploded planet and the exit gate, the secret appears ahead of you, slightly to the right side of the path.
  5. In the last area, where the battle is, you will fly directly over the top of a very large ship. After this, you will head towards another large ship and the secret is within a group of mines in front of the second ship.

Chapter 2: Space Junk Yard (35,000)

You control the same style of ship, but your navigating a junk field instead.


  1. Destroy 15 pieces of debris.
  2. Throw beacons at 15 energy pods.
  3. Take a left at the first path and it will be right in front of you.
  4. The secret is in the middle of the path between the second set of debris you need to destroy and the second set of debris you need to throw beacons at. Take the left path to reach it.
  5. At the very end of the level in the long tube in one of the openings in an obstruction.

Earning at least a gold medal on this and the other three ‘mountain’ attractions (Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, and Splash Mountain) will unlock:

  • Disneyland Mountaineer

    Won the gold pin badge on all 4 of the mountain attractions

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (35)

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (36)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (37)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (38)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (39)

And with this last attraction completed, you should unlock:

  • The Bare Necessities

    Won the bronze pin badge on all attractions

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (40)

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (41)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (42)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (43)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (44)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (45)

  • Mine Mine Mine Mine

    Won the silver pin badge on all attractions

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (46)

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (47)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (48)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (49)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (50)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (51)

  • There's Gold in Them There Hills

    Won the gold pin badge on all attractions

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (52)

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (53)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (54)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (55)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (56)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (57)

  • Portal Master

    Won the platinum pin badge on all attractions

    Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (58)

    1 guideGuide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (59)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (60)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (61)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (62)Guide for Disneyland Adventures - Story Walkthrough: Attractions (63)

What are you going to do, now that you’ve completed this game? “I’m going to Disneyland!”

5. Story Walkthrough: Item Secrets

(Video) Disney's California Adventure ATTRACTION GUIDE - 2022 - All Rides + Shows - Disneyland Resort

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What do the blue circles mean in Disneyland Adventures? ›

If I recall correct, blue circles are for the water pistol (given by Donald, last item unlocked) and pink circles were items your magic wand will react to (given by Cinderella, second object unlocked).

What are the coins for in Disneyland Adventures? ›

You can uses these coins to buy things in the shops around the parks. Much like in real life, you can get clothes, autograph books, pins and more in the shops. You can use these in the game to outfit your avatar, interact more with the characters as well as help you with tasks.

Who is the rarest character in Disneyland? ›

While it is common for Guests to see characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy while visiting the Parks, characters like Bernard and Bianca, and Milo Thatch and Kida are incredibly rare, as they almost never make an appearance at Disneyland.

What is the hardest Hidden Mickey to find? ›

The hardest of the bunch to spot can be found in the final graveyard scene where the haunts are having a great time. As guests approach the large crypt headed towards the hitchhiking ghosts, they should look back behind their Doom Buggy to the right hand side to spot another crypt with a grim reaper inside of it.

What does code 101 mean at Disneyland? ›

Instead of using words like “down” or “broken”, a code “101” means a certain ride is down. Likewise, when a ride is up and running again code “102” is communicated between Cast Members. When speaking directly to guests, Cast Members are trained to say that a ride is “temporarily unavailable”.

What does the 33 stand for in Disney? ›

Club 33 is named after its address in New Orleans Square: 33 Royal Street. Inspired by the VIP lounges that Walt Disney first witnessed at the 1964 World's Fair, Club 33 opened in May of 1967 as a private arena within the park where Walt could entertain important visitors.

What is a code 101 at Disneyland? ›

Code 101 — This code is used when a ride has to close for any reason. Cast members do not want to use words like “shut down” or “closed”.

What is the oldest item in Disneyland? ›

Aside from trees and fossils, the oldest attraction at Disneyland is the Main Street Orchestrion Machine, built in 1915, the machine continues to thrill guests. Look for it in the back portion of the Penny Arcade on Main Street, USA.

Is it better to bring cash or card to Disneyland? ›

Should You Bring Cash to Disney World? With the various non-cash payment options across all of Walt Disney World, some of you may be tempted to leave home without cash or your ATM card. While you could technically get away with this, we recommend you bring limited cash with you.

Can you show cleavage at Disneyland? ›

According to the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park Dress & Costume Guidelines, Guests may not wear clothing which exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment, as well as clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics.

Do they do the kiss goodnight at Disneyland? ›

Karee, the Kiss Goodnight is a special little moment that occurs around 30 minutes after park closing for Magic Kingdom Park where Cinderella Castle gets a touch of sparkle and music as Guests are gently invited to begin to exit and start making their way back "home." Unfortunately, this happens only in Walt Disney ...

What should you not forget at Disneyland? ›

What Should I Pack for Disneyland?
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes. First and foremost, it's essential to wear comfortable walking shoes in Disneyland. ...
  • Backpack. ...
  • Fanny Pack. ...
  • Portable Charger. ...
  • Refillable Water Bottle. ...
  • Tickets & Reservations. ...
  • Sunscreen. ...
  • Phone & Camera.

How much do Disneyland princesses make? ›

Disney princesses make an average annual salary of $60,450 when working at a Disney theme park or attending Disney events. Disney princesses earn a wage of around $29.06 per hour when working.

What do Disneyland cast members get paid? ›

Disney Parks Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Cast Member is $33,694 per year in United States, which is 4% higher than the average Disney Parks salary of $32,375 per year for this job. What is the salary trajectory of a Cast Member? The salary trajectory of a Cast Member ranges between locations and employers.

Where is the smallest Hidden Mickey? ›

Want to find the smallest Hidden Mickey in Walt Disney World's four parks? Then locate a merchandise cart near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris and search the tile on the counter. There, embedded in the grout, are three tiny beads in the shape of a classic three-circle Hidden Mickey.

What is the largest Hidden Mickey? ›

Expedition Everest

It took years for Disney fans to discover, but Expedition Everest's layout creates a giant Mickey head! From a bird's eye view it's very easy to see that the mountain forms Mickey's head and two strategically placed circular tracks make his two ears.

Which ride has the most Hidden Mickeys? ›

The Rockwork in the wait Line, Ariel's Undersea Adventure, Magic Kingdom. We find the most hidden mickeys in wait lines. This is one of many in the wait line for Ariel's ride at WDW.

What does 23 mean to Disney? ›

Expand. The “D” stands for Disney, and “23” represents 1923, the year that Walt Disney arrived in California and founded what was to ultimately become The Walt Disney Company.

What is a code H at Disney? ›

And yet, they're not uncommon. Code V is for vomit, and Code H is for human waste.

What is a code V at Disney? ›

Cast Members have a secret language

For example, a “Code P” means someone accidentally urinated in the park and a “Code V” stands for vomit.

What does Disney 71 mean? ›

Those numbers represent the opening years of each of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks: 71–1971, the year that the Magic Kingdom opened. 82–1982, the year that Epcot opened. 89–1989, the year that Disney's Hollywood Studios opened. 98–1998, the year that Animal Kingdom opened.

How to get invited to Club 33? ›

You must either become a member, have a corporate pass, or hope you have a friend who is a member. The value of a Club 33 membership lies within its exclusivity, privacy and its hospitality.

What is the secret door in Disney World? ›

The secret entrance to the Magic Kingdom is actually found via a walkway from the Contemporary Resort. Take a bus or an UBER to the Contemporary and then walk across the street and through a separate security line before heading towards the turnstiles at the front of the park.

What does 10 4 mean at Disney? ›

Receiving Well/Radio Checks. 10-4. Affirmative. 10-7. Operation Closed/Clear.

What is code 25 at Disney? ›

Another numeric signal that Disney Cast Members tend to use between one another is Signal 25. It's not a signal you ever want to be present for because it has the potential to be especially dangerous. In short, it is the signal used to alert other Cast Members about smoke or even fire.

What is a code U at Disney? ›

Custodians at the Walt Disney Co. theme parks in Orlando, Fla., and Anaheim, Calif., use code words to disguise the messier aspects of their work from visitors. When a manager radios for a “Code V” cleanup, it means a patron has vomited. “Code U” signals urine.

What was the last death at Disneyland? ›

The fire was out in about 30 minutes. Only one car was damaged. On December 3, 2022, a 51-year-old elementary school principal jumped from the top floor of the Mickey & Friends parking structure at approximately 9:00 p.m. PST. He was pronounced dead at the scene and his death was ruled a suicide.

What was the first death at Disneyland? ›

Because it is There. Disneyland's first fatality would take place on the Matterhorn on May 15, 1964, when a 15 year-old kid tried to stand up near the ride's peak.

Was Disneyland free on your birthday? ›

Guests often wonder if Disney World is free on their birthday. Disney does not give you free admission on your birthday but they do give you special treatment, free food, and other perks.

Why are there no mirrors in Disneyland bathrooms? ›

No, the theme park didn't forget to install mirrors in the bathroom facilities, but instead made the tactical decision to remove them to help keep the lines flowing, according to Apartment Therapy.

Does Disneyland release cats at night? ›

Every night after closing, Disneyland releases 200 cats into the park to help keep the rodent population under control.

What is a clap box at Disney? ›

Magic Kingdom. You might be in the presence of a clap box! This is a fun pop-up surprise where Cast Members watch for guests to walk through and applaud when a guest enters the clap box. This is a really unique one to spot and SO fun if you do!

Can you pay extra to skip lines at Disneyland? ›

Prices vary from $7-20 per person per attraction. Guests are limited to two purchases of paid Lightning Lane per day. While having to pay another fee is never ideal, paid Lightning Lane really can offer some time savings for the most popular Disneyland rides.

Do you tip in Disneyland? ›

The usual tip given in bars and restaurants is 15–20% of the bill. For porters it is $1 per item of luggage. For Valet service it is $2. You do not have to tip hotel maids, although US$1/day/person is appreciated for good service.

Can you wear just a sports bra to Disney? ›

Make sure your shirt isn't overly cropped! But, what exactly does that mean? Well, some of it is up to the discretion of Disney, but generally, you'll want to skip the sports bras, overly cropped crop tops, super short shorts, and anything else that you'd be embarrassed to walk into church in.

Are there gender neutral bathrooms at Disneyland? ›

The Bathroom Loophole

So, here's the loophole: Disney doesn't have unisex or gender-neutral bathrooms. But they do have private, single-room toilets that you can use. They're called companion restrooms and these spaces are intended for wheelchair users and their caregivers.

Are ripped jeans allowed in Disney? ›

Women - Jeans, skirts or dress shorts and blouse, sweater or dress is required. NOT PERMITTED: Tank tops, swim suits or swim cover ups, hats for gentlemen, cut offs or clothing with rips/tears are not allowed. T-shirts with offensive language/graphics will also not be permitted.

Are the dogs at Disneyland drug sniffing? ›

Do the dogs at Disneyland smell alcohol? The dogs are trained to pick up the scent of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy. They can also detect beer and liquor and prescription medications, such as Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin. The dogs also sniff out ammunition, fire crackers and pipe bombs.

What is the secret restaurant in Disneyland? ›

Right in the middle of New Orleans Square in Disneyland, located across from La Mascarade d'Orleans, is the inconspicuous entrance to one of the most-whispered-about spots in Disney parks across the globe: Club 33. Club 33 is a secret five-star restaurant that the regular public cannot access.

Are you allowed to hug characters at Disneyland? ›

Yes, you absolutely can. Since April 18, 2022, you can get right up next to the characters to hug them, get autographs from them, and get regular photographs.

What should you not wear to Disney? ›

Clothing that drags on the ground is prohibited in theme parks. Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search. We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.

Should I wear leggings to Disneyland? ›

A casual shift dress, leggings and comfy shoes totally works for me. I wear leggings to Disneyland on at least half my visits. They're so nice to have for chilly mornings and nights. Wear them under a dress or tunic and then take them off mid-day if they get too warm.

How many Hidden Mickeys are in Disneyland and California adventure? ›

The book lists 419 Hidden Mickeys that can be found in Disneyland, Downtown Disney (now known as "Disney Springs"), the Disney hotels, and Disney's California Adventure.

Are there any Hidden Mickeys in California adventure? ›

In Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park, while waiting in line for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, look up to see a Hidden Mickey made out of three hubcaps. Be sure to look up around every corner as you walk through the line, or you might miss this one.

How many Hidden Mickeys are in Disneyland? ›

There are over 1200 Hidden Mickeys to be found around the Most Magical Place on Earth, ranging in all sorts of sizes. Today we're sharing five of the largest Hidden Mickeys that exist around Walt Disney World.

Are there Hidden Mickeys at California adventure? ›

There are hundreds of Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District and the three onsite hotel properties.

What is the craziest ride in Disneyland? ›

16 Scariest Rides at Disneyland California
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout. ...
  • Radiator Springs Racers. ...
  • Grizzly River Run. ...
  • Goofy's Sky School. ...
  • Mad Tea Party. ...
  • Pixar Pal-A-Round. ...
  • Snow White's Enchanted Wish. ...
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Nov 16, 2022

Does Disneyland have a secret island? ›

Disney originally named it Treasure Island, and later renamed it Discovery Island. It currently sits abandoned, but can be seen by any watercraft in Bay Lake. Discovery Island is now the name of one of the lands in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

What is the biggest secret about Disneyland? ›

  1. 1. Walt Disney Had an Apartment Above the Fire Station on Main Street. ...
  2. There Are Special Window Dedications in the Storefronts on Main Street. ...
  3. Steve Martin Used to Work at the Magic Shop. ...
  4. The Disneyland Railroad Has a Very Special Car. ...
  5. Test Bricks on Main Street. ...
  6. Main Street Was Modeled After a Real Town.
May 16, 2022

What is the secret club in California Adventure? ›

Club 33
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
LocationAnaheim, California, U.S.
OwnerDisneyland (The Walt Disney Company)
TypePrivate club
6 more rows

Are there secret tunnels under Disneyland? ›

In Disney theme parks, the utilidor system is a system of some of the world's largest utility tunnels, mainly for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida. The utilidors, short for utility corridors, are a part of Disney's "backstage" (behind-the-scenes) area.

Who was a member of Club 33 at Disneyland? ›

What is this? Walt Disney himself was the only member of the club until his death in 1966. Now, many celebrities have attended, such as Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks, Elton John, and Christina Aguilera. Even though it's been many years since its start, Club 33 has remained extremely exclusive.

Are there human remains at Disneyland? ›

'” Today, Disneyland says that there are no longer any human remains on the ride, and the internet is rife with accounts from people who have taken VIP tours, which often provide a deep history of the parks. They report that their cast member guide assured them there were no more real skeletons in place.

Does California Adventure have Mickey beignets? ›

These fun beignets are fried pastries (similar to donuts), shaped with a Mickey cookie cutter, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with a vanilla cream sauce. They're one of our favorite treats to enjoy at the parks!

What are Easter eggs at Disneyland? ›

Easter eggs at Disneyland Resort are a great way to converse with and engage your family in interesting trivia and Disney knowledge. Hidden Mickeys are a representation of Mickey Mouse subtly placed into the design of an attraction, or other location at Disney Resorts.


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